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Why fly when you can take complete control of your steering wheel and turn to any road as you like? Why sit idle in your home and wait for the coronavirus to go away? Well, there are no answers to these questions which makes you wonder why are you not exploring locally? The only thing stopping you is the plan, the guide, the help. Well, we’ve got you! With a huge range of books covering the local trips around LA and up to San Francisco, we at Downtown Books & Art Gallery can help you plan your next local trip without any worries. In our article, we have laid down everything you need to know about having top-class trips locally. Don't forget to give it a thorough read if you're also bored of sitting idle at home or feel like you're wasting your life away waiting for a pandemic to clear like I am.

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Creativity tests positive – How has the global outbreak wounded art gurus and their spirit? Dispersed in the hushed streets of a district in Central America, lie various galleries and studios that were once vibrant and exciting. Devotees had their calendars marked with the upcoming shows and open-house exhibitions until one day in March 2020, when everything decided to shut down. San Pedro, home to numerous artists, performers, and their workspaces, decided to become silent once the shocking virus took over the world. Covid-19 caused many events to cancel. Many studio owners worry that the pandemic could lead to damaging the sales and danger of their long-term survival. Recession could cause galleries a lot of failures, due to which, artists no longer would have a place to show their work. Galleries operate as spaces for the public to heal and find inspiration from the art. Without galleries, the public will be deprived of a major cultural element, which is significant in these times of crisis. Our gallery, Downtown Books and Art Gallery has suffered similar circumstances. There is no way to predict what we can expect to counter in the future. However, all of us require to devise certain plans if we are to continue our businesses. The problem is, how will the authorities counter such a concern? Or will we see more of the initiatives crumble under the pressure of low revenue? Find out more about how Covid-19 has affected the art galleries on the new blog post on our website.

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Downtown Book Club

We are happy to announce the opening of the Downtown Book Club! The idea is simple: get together once a month and discuss authors and books. The month of March is Henry Miller's!

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