Svetlana Bagdasaryan's show

Svetlana Bagdasaryan is a scientist by education but after an accident, she found her self as an artist. That sounds like a miracle and it is a miracle. She did not hold a paintbrush before the accident, she did not study art in a college or a school. She was born to the family of a physics professor and doctor. Svetlana saw herself as a scientist and nothing else. She worked as a research scientist at the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics in Erevan.

She remembers how she wake up a couple of days after the accident and says earnestly enough “I want to try to paint!” Her son brought her canvases, brushes and colors and she started experimenting.

Downtown Books and Art exhibited Svetlana’s artworks during December 2019. The name of the show “The Reflections”, really displays her journey of styles. You can see her works on