“The southwest” by Conrad Buff

We were successful with our first show “The southwest” by Conrad Buff.  From the very moment we decided to have a gallery we decided to open with Conrad Buff’s artwork.  During construction, we made a few changes to the gallery itself but we never changed our mind about Conrad Buff . . . Originally, we planned to have the gallery in the back, called, appropriately enough, “The Backroom Gallery,” but after the room was competed we changed our mind and moved “The Backroom Gallery” to the front room.  The front room has more space—for up to 30 pieces of art, and it has more light too, in fact, customers can even see the gallery from the street!  We’re using the backroom for our Framing Department.  

We chose a great day for our opening—San Pedro’s famed 1st Thursday Art Walk.  The doors opened at 5 pm and people just flocked in!  There was great interest in Conrad’s work; people strolled about the gallery for hours, studying the artwork and engaging in discussions.  We had visitors from all parts of LA and we managed to sell four paintings!  The first month passed quickly and before we knew it, it was time to announce a new collection by a new artist.  

“The Southwest” collection by Conrad Buff will still be available online at DTbooksandart.com, including the paintings that sold.  If you are interested in purchasing any of Conrad’s art, please make an appointment with us.  Email  ksenia@dtbooksart.com or call 310 720 3407.

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